Hello! Today in class we had a look to the first part of this video (6:26).

We understood that the universe is extremely big so astronomers cannot use a unit of measure like the kilometer so they inveted a new one: the light year. We also learnt how there are thousand of galaxies and our galaxy, The Milky Way, is just a small part of the universe. It is very interesting the idea of comparing a small grain of sand with the cathedral to understand the dimension of the universe.

For tomorrow I would like you to watch the video from 6:26 to 9:25 and then answer some questions that I am going to leave you https://docs.google.com/a/carmelitassc.com/forms/d/1D97oiBEWm0DQE__As4hKmZEooQ5eYKgTeHZ1uw0IcsE/viewform?embedded=true“>Here