New topic, new working technique.

To learn more about Mesopotamia and Egypt, We are going to use Jigsaw technique.

The class has been divided into cooperative groups of 4. The member of each group received a number from 1-4 and then, all the ones sat together, and the same with the rest of the numbers.

Each number has to work on a specific topic.

1.- Geographical situation of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

2.- Everyday life in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

3.- Government and social classes in Mesopotamia and Egypt

4.- Religion in mesopotamia and Egypt

Today, each group looked for information about their topic in the internet and in the book. Next day they will put it in common and they will decide what info is important to stand out and they will do a mind map on a A3 paper.

At home, they will finish their part recording themselves explaining what they have stand out in the mind map.

The following day, the students will have to come back to their origin group where there will be people from topic 1, 2, 3 and 4 and each one will have to explain to the rest of the group what they know about each topic. They will send their recorded explanation to the rest of their origin group.

In the following hour, they will be sure that everybody understands each topic because I will make questions to any member of the group and the mark will be for the whole group.

I think it can be a really amazing experience. Let’s see how it works.